Ramadaan Series {Day 18} – Actions to be Done During Ramadaan

Many think that reciting the Qur’an is just during the day when fasting, however the Prophet (saw) would meet Jibreel (as) in the night. So, try to read some Qur’an at night too.

Also, remember that if you can, even if it’s only 5 minutes, pray more after tarawih prayer. A person may pray tarawih, go home and miss out on the blessed last third of the night.

Finally, do some istighfar in the time just before Fajr as this was the practice of the Sahaaba and the righteous of the past.

Actions Behind Closed Doors

Remember that your actions behind closed doors determine how solid you are in public, in spirituality and in acceptance.

An example of this is al Nawawi (rh) and some of his books. He didn’t write all of 40 Nawawi, he added 16 Hadith and there are many arbaeeniyyat, yet his works have recieved mind blowing acceptance.

Even though he had a few mistakes in aqeedah, these are totally overlooked as he was an Imam and also due to his acceptance. The scholars use this as an example of his phenomenal sincerity.

And the asl of good deeds is to be done in secret but this doesn’t mean you miss out on doing good deeds in public.

This raises the question then, how comes we know about the Salaf and their private actions? The answer is that when someone is sincere, Allah reveals the person’s good no matter how much he tries to hide it.

Increase Your Actions

Fill every second with the remembrance of Allah! If you are seeking knowledge and there is no increase in your actions then check your intention. There’s a defect somewhere.

As one of the people of the past said, I do not want to be a donkey taking care of errands all day long while death is approaching me.

Not that a person can’t get rewarded for doing errands and so on but we need time for all acts of worship.

Actions To Be Done In The First Ten Days of Dhul Hijjah

The first 10 days of Dhul Hijjah are the best days of the entire year, so actions you can do are:

  • Intend good in everything you do
  • Fast
  • Give sadaqa (Charity)
  • Do a sacrifice (Udhiya)
  • Read more Qur’an
  • Make sure you fast the day of Arafah
  • Recite takbeer. The most authentic of which is that which was narrated by ‘Abd al-Razzaaq with a Sahih isnad (chain) from Salmaan who said, ‘Proclaim Allah’s greatness: Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar kabeeraa.”
  • Do lots of dhikr
  • Make lots of du’a.