Spending on Knowledge

Imagine a Shaykh in his 60s with the biggest library of books in his part of the world. A book fair occurs, and he spends one million worth of his money on books! Look at the aspiration and love for knowledge.

We buy cars, eat out and waste our money without any problem. However, when we need a book that costs a small amount of money, all you hear is it’s too expensive and we don’t end up buying it! Yet, we spend nicely on everything else.

When a Shaykh went to see Imam Nawawi (rh), he said that there was nowhere to sit as there were piles of books everywhere, even the floor was covered in them!


How to Make Notes When Reading

When reading a biography of the Prophet (saw), the Sahaabah or of the scholars, how should it be done? Should notes be made on the important points we read, lessons we can see in the text and so on.

Notes can be made next to the text on the side, on sticky notes or at the back of the book, with the most important things you have learned. This saves time taking a notebook out every time.

Etiquettes of Finishing A Book

From the etiquettes of finishing a book with a Sheikh are:

  • Shukr to Allah
  • To increase in obedience to Allah
  • Depending on the book, sometimes the mashaayikh would have a party!
  • The students would pay the mashaayikh as kindness and a gift.

The Love of Learning

Today mashaayikh travel for 6/7 hours, don’t sleep for over 24 hours, don’t eat for 15/16 of those hours and only eat once in two days. However, you show them a book and they stay up and read it like an excited person.

Not Spending The Time To Master A Book

A problem which has been noticed with students is wanting to move from one book to the next without totally mastering the current book. Or not wanting to study books in a structured way rather jumping from this to that to another. As al Shafi’ee (rh) said, one of the 6 things required to master the Islamic sciences is a long time!

One sheikh completed a beginner book in Nahw in recordings in 124 lessons, an hour and a half each!

Actions Are What Matter

Just because a person has a lot of knowledge or they speak Arabic doesn’t mean they are superior. Rather it’s the action which results from this as Imam al Shafi’ee (rh) said, the effects of a person’s knowledge can be seen in his silence. And others mentioned it should increase his fear of Allah and his humility.

If you see someone joking excessively or talking about things that don’t concern him or backbiting others then know this person’s Ilm has not benefitted them even if he’s studied a thousand books.

*Blog Update 1*

Asalaamu alaikum.

This blog post is a brief up-date on the site.

As you may have noticed at the top of the page there is a new page titled “Structured Programme For A Student”. This page will be updated with various books to read under different categories.

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For example, currently there are several categories that have various books listed. This is not an exhaustive list and will be continuously added to.

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