Cleanse Your Heart from Jealousy

Seek blessings from Allah when you see something that amazes you, whether from yourself or others.

Your inability to do so, when seeing someone do well or in relation to a blessing they have, can indicate envy in one’s heart.

It usually occurs with people in the same field such as seeking knowledge or with each other’s children or within the same professions and so on.

Make du’a for the person instead and cleanse your heart from this jealousy.


Conditions of Repentence (Tawbah) from Sins

Repent for every haraam action you’ve ever done; from your eyes to your hands to not completing obligations to diseases of the heart like jealousy, hatred for others, arrogance.

  1. Stop the sin immediately.
  2. Remorse – feel sadness that you did it and cry over the sin.
  3. Be determined not to return to the sin.
  4. Ask Allah for His forgiveness.
  5. Sincerity – do it for Allah.
  6. Must be done before the rattle of death.
  • If it’s from the rights of others, then return it or its value if you stole.
  • If you spoke about someone behind their back, mention good about them in the same gathering and make du’a for them!

Rectifying Our Intentions

Du’a of ‘Umar ibn al Khattab (ra)

اللهُمَّ اجْعَلْ عَمَلِي كُلَّهُ صَالِحًا وَاجْعَلْهُ لِوَجْهِكَ خَالِصًا وَلَا تَجْعَلْ لِأَحَدٍ فِيْهِ شَيْئًا

Al’lahum’ma-ja’al ‘amalee kullahu saalihan wa-ja’alhu liwajhika khaalisan wa laa taj’al liahadin feehee shay’a

Oh Allah, make all of my actions righteous, make them purely for your sake & pleasure, and don’t allow anyone else to have a share of them.

If this is ‘Umar (ra) making this du’a then how great is our need to ask for sincerity!

Making Sincere Tawbah

Make du’a to avoid the sweetness of haraam. Many people have left sins, yet they are happy when they remember the sin or they recall it fondly. This is not sincere tawbah and you will not feel the sweetness of worship until you leave the sin and feel regret.

Making Du’a for the One You are Jealous of

Whenever you feel jealous of someone and you wished that they didn’t have something that Allah has blessed them with, instead of speaking evil about them, make du’a for the person that Allah increases them in this good.

This can be with wealth, knowledge, status, a job. Whatever it is, as soon as you sense the jealousy, make du’a for them!

Response to a Du’a

Musa (as) made du’a against Firaun and Allah said in Surah Yunus (10:89) that it was accepted. Yet, Firaun remained for another 40 years!

Just because you haven’t seen your du’a answered doesn’t mean it hasn’t been accepted. The timing of the response is with your Lord who Knows better than you when something is good for you.

So be patient and keep knocking and eventually al Fattah will grant you a mind-blowing opening. Your job is just to ask!

What to do on the Day of ‘Arafah

Imam Nawawi (rh) mentions in his book “al Adkhar” page 333, that the day of ‘Arafah is the best day of the year for du’a. So, a person should free themselves up and increase in making du’a, doing dhikr and reading Qur’an. One should make du’a with many different types of supplication and many different types of dhikr.

One should make du’a for themselves, their parents, those close to them from their family, their teachers, their companions, their friends, those whom they love, whoever has done good for them and for all the Muslims.

They should also take extra precautions of falling short in any of these as this day isn’t something to be missed out on and it can’t be made up.