Ramadaan Series {Day 24} – Praying Maghrib and Esha in Jamaat in The Last 10 Nights of Ramadaan

Saeed Ibn al Musayyib would say, the one who prays Maghrib and Esha in jamaat has caught Laylatul Qadr! So, strive to pray them in jamaat!


Acts of Worship A Student of Knowledge Should Be Doing

Praying at least Fajr and Esha in the musjid

Doing morning and afternoon adkhar

Adkhar before sleep

Memorise the book of Allah

Constantly doing dhikr; including lots of istighfar

Pray Duha

Portion of the night prayer whether before or after sleep

Praying Sunnah prayers

These are just some of the ibaadaat a person should be doing. These are basic actions that even a pious Muslim should be doing.

Things We Need To Continue Doing After Ramadaan

The good habits that we developed we need to continue to work on them and persevere in them. For example:

  • Praying salaah in the musjid (especially Esha and Fajr)
  • To read Qur’an every single day
  • To continue with night prayer and make du’a in our sujood.
  • To make du’a every day that Allah keeps us on the Straight Path
  • To check ourselves on a daily basis and accuse ourselves of the sins we have committed and repent from them.
  • To continue working on our character by pinpointing what can be improved about ourselves and working on it.
  • To read and ponder over the Qur’an. To learn a portion of it by heart and recite it in our prayers. To also apply it to our lives as much as possible.
  • To ensure all the fard duties are completed on time and to the best of our ability.
  • To continue to give charity every single day
  • To continue building our relationship with Allah by learning about Him. Knowing who He is through His Lofty names and attributes. Using those names in du’a to call upon Him.
  • To continue praying extra salaah such as the 12 Sunnah and qiyaam.
  • To fast regularly such as Mondays and Thursdays and the three white days of the month.
  • To make du’a regularly and during special times.
  • To appreciate what we have.
  • To eat less and not over indulge.
  • To try and finish the Qur’an minimum once a month which is a juz (chapter) a day.
  • To memorise more and ponder over the words of Allah.
  • To encourage family to do the same.
  • To make du’a your Ramadaan is accepted and to make du’a you reach the next Ramadan.
  • To lower your gaze.
  • Longer sujoods.
  • Have a separate portion for contemplation of the Qur’an even if it’s just a Verse a day.

Praying Esha and Fajr In The Mosque

Abdullah Ibn Umar (ra) would say, if we didn’t see someone in the Musjid for esha and fajr we would think he’s from the hypocrites.

Unless he oversleeps or lives far and so on of course.

Seeking Knowledge and Spirituality

If your seeking of knowledge is not coupled with spirituality then you will become arrogant by the day.

Never forget to do your athkar before sleeping. Remember that esha in jamaat is a sign a person isn’t a hypocrite and the reward being praying half the night! Don’t miss out.