Wanting to be Known

Ibn Taymiyah (rh) quotes Abu Dawud that those who want to be known by everyone have a disease of the heart known shahwa khafiyya; a hidden desire.

Bishr bin Haarith mentioned that the one who wants to be famous will not taste the sweetness of the Aakhirah.


Benefitting From Many Scholars

Someone¬†may benefit a lot from a person that isn’t necessarily famous. There are many mashaayikh out there that are not known except by a few but they may be even more knowledgeable than the famous ones! Fame is a trial Allah tests whom He wants with.

Just because someone has gone to an Islamic university doesn’t mean anything. Sheikh Ibn Uthaymeen (rh) didn’t go to one! In fact, in his teacher’s times, there weren’t even any Islamic universities and Islamic degrees to speak of.

Sincerity In Learning Knowledge

A scholar of the past would say people have come to know me while I hate to be remembered.

This was due to their sincerity, yet we live in a time where everyone wishes to be known and famous, even students of knowledge!