A Righteous and Jaahil Person

One of the people of the past said, the righteous and intelligent person is the one who perfects his faraaid and a jaahil is the one who gives precedence to the optional actions and fadaail over the obligatory actions.

For example, a person prays a very long qiyam al layl and misses the Fajr prayer or prays his Fajr at home even though he lives close to the Musjid.

Always Repent for Your Bad Deeds

  1. A man came to Ibn al Jawzi (rh) and said, I want to divorce my wife, I’m tired of her and so on. Ibn Jawzi (rh) replied, you need to sit somewhere quiet and repent to Allah.
  2. When they thought about fighting Hajjaj, the tyrant, they said, you have been given Hajjaj as a punishment from Allah and if you fight this one, Allah has many many Hajjajs.
  3. A man was sworn at so he repented to Allah for whatever he had done to be sworn at.

What We Learn from These Stories:

  • Always repent if something goes wrong.
  • Always blame yourself and not others.
  • Don’t ever think you’re free of doing bad things. We have all sinned in our lives so when something bad happens to us, don’t begin to ask why. Just because we forgot about the sin and didn’t repent for it doesn’t mean Allah forgot!