Books To Study In Hadith

  • 40 Nawawi
  • Umdatul Ahkaam
  • Buloogh al Maram
  • After this it can be advised to move on to Nayl al Awtar, the sharh of Muntaqa al Alakhkbar.
  • A student should also read books like Riyadh ul Saaliheen, Shamaail Muhammadiyyah and al Adab wal Mufrad.
  • Alongside this, one should focus on Bukhari and Muslim a lot.

Then there is Mustala al Hadith, ilm al Rijal and Takhreej al Hadith, each of which require books to be studied.


How To Master Nahw

In Nahw a person needs to master Ajrumiyyah, Qatr al Nada and then Alfiyyah Ibn Malik.

The main thing is to start with a basic explanation and then move onto the detailed ones.

Practice is most important  so don’t just make it theory. Insha’Allah links to books will be posted as well but for now the best explanations are:

  • Doctor Ayman Amin Abdul Ghani from Egypt is superb and has a basic sharh on the poem and then the text in depth. Both can be purchased from Egypt.
  • Qatr sharh: Sharh Abdullah Fowzan.
  • Alfiyyah sharh: Ibn Aqeel

You could also start with Mulhat Iraab instead of Ajrumiyyah

Good supplements are:

  • Nahw al waadih
  • النحو المستطاب

Lots of exercises for practice.