Books To Study In Hadith

  • 40 Nawawi
  • Umdatul Ahkaam
  • Buloogh al Maram
  • After this it can be advised to move on to Nayl al Awtar, the sharh of Muntaqa al Alakhkbar.
  • A student should also read books like Riyadh ul Saaliheen, Shamaail Muhammadiyyah and al Adab wal Mufrad.
  • Alongside this, one should focus on Bukhari and Muslim a lot.

Then there is Mustala al Hadith, ilm al Rijal and Takhreej al Hadith, each of which require books to be studied.


Completing The Qur’an

It was not known that the Sahaaba would take longer than 10 or so days for their completion of the Qur’an. Some of the scholars have said it should take no longer than 40 days for every completion of the Qur’an, especially for a student!

Learning With A Teacher

“A special quality that Allah, Most High, has placed between the teacher and the student is witnessed by anyone who interacts with knowledge and scholars. How often it happens that a student reads something in a book, memorises it, repeats it to himself, yet does not understand it.

Then, when his teacher reads it to him, he suddenly understands it and acquires knowledge of it by being present.

This understanding may come about through conventional means such as contextual indications or an explanation of the difficult point in a manner that never occurred to the mind of the student. It may arise not through any conventional means, but through something that Allah gifts the student with when he presents himself before his teacher in manifest indigence and plain need of what he is being instructed in.”

(al-Muwafaqat, ash-Shatibi,Volume 1 pg. 73)