Two Imams Leading The Tarawih Prayer

A sheikh said:

If there are two imams in one mosque, should they be regarded as separate or is one the deputy of the other?

It seems that the second option is correct, that one of them is the deputy of the other and completes (the prayer) on his behalf. Based on this, if two imams pray in the mosque, then these two imams are to be regarded as if there are one imam, so a person should stay until the second imam finishes, because we know that the second one is completing the prayer of the first one.

End quote.

Majma’ Fataawa Ibn ‘Uthaymeen (14/207).

And Allaah knows best.


Sincerity in Shedding Tears for The Sake of Allah

Imam Ahmad (rh) was asked if one could cry when on a full stomach and he replied he doesn’t think that’s possible. So try not to overeat so one can shed tears easily for Allah.

A scholar of the past saw a man crying in Salaah and he said, this man will be asked what he intended with his crying. A person should do as many good deeds in secret as possible especially things like crying otherwise who are they doing it for?

A scholar of the past mentioned that a person who sheds floods of tears in du’a in witr yet he struggles during the actual tarawih isn’t a good sign.